OK, I know this is a little bit of an old thread and I am kind of digging up from the past here, but I just need to give anyone thinking about working for this "service company" to think twice. Service company is in quotes for a reason becuase if you are a true service tech you will not make it here. To start when you go into your interview everything will seem really really good. I know before I even went into the interview I did a quick Google search of the company and the fourth result happened to be this very thread. I read through everything and wrote down a list of questions/concerns I had about going to work there. I figured maybe it kind of varied from office to office, but apparently not. I asked all the questions I had, got all the answers I wanted, got the pay I was hoping for, everything seemed good. Talked to the managers I would be dealing with and they all seemed really cool so I figured why not give it a shot. The main thing they are going to tell you in your interview is everyone from the top down are techs. Everyone is a tech, so everything is designed to be aimed toward the tech. That is lie number 1, they do absolutely nothing with the tech in mind. Its all about making money, if it makes the techs life a living hell and they can make an extra buck, they will be all over it. And to the guy who says they dont expect you to be a parts changer is way out of line. Opening up a new work order to do things such as tie up wires, to me thats something that should be part of your PM pricing. Replacing the piece of foam that is on the filter door of a Voyager because "its going to drop its effiency if thats not done" that piece of foam dries out after a year. Opening a work order to seal an sort of penetration in the condenser section to keep rain from entering that section, hm, to me I would think those 2 big holes on the top where the condenser fans sit would allow water into the unit anyway. When doing a spring AC PM that the customer pays for you to clean coils, if you have to split the coils thats a new work order so they can bill for it, I don't know, I guess if I already have the coil split so I can see if it needs it, I have already done 90 percent of the work to complete the job. Not to mention it doesn't make a whole lot of sense NOT to split the coil when cleaning anyway. If you have a capacitor that has a little bit of rust on the case, it needs to get replaced. It doesn't matter that it is still perfectly fine and reading fine. There is rust on it, you replace it. If there is any sign of rust on the paint of the liquid line drier, that has to be repalced. I could go on and on with pointless repairs that they expect you to bill the customer for, those are just a few. Oh and you better do it too becuase if you don't your area service manager (who will be going behind you and checking your work) will call you and chew you a new one becuase you left all this money on the table. Also you better open up a work order for these BS repairs on at least 50 percent of your PM's or they WILL take money away from you. They expect you to have a 50 percent PM add percentage and to make them X amount of dollars per hour to keep your current wage. Which is fine, I guess everybody is in it to make money, except its kind of hard for a guy to make his numbers if he is getting sent half way across the state and basically re tracing his footsteps all day. In my opinion there has to be more that goes into figuring how much a guy makes. How about customer service? To me that would be a big one, with CMS it doesn't matter at all. As long as you are making them money you can treat your customer like garbage and its fine. So when they lie to you during your interview and say, no its not about numbers, its 99 percent about numbers and 1 percent about kissing someone's ass. When I got hired the one thing I was worried about was hours, I was coming from a place where I saw 40 plus hours a week nearly every week of the year. I think the lowest I would see was 35 hours a week. They promised me hours would not be an issue, they were going to get me 40-50 hours a week every week of the year and there may be a few weeks during the summer that were more but it shouldn't be an issue getting my hours with how much work they had in my area. Well lets just say that last winter pretty much from November all the way through April I didn't see a 40 hour work week. There were weeks during Feb/March that I was getting 8 hours for the entire week. When I asked about unemployment they told me they would deny my unemployment because I refused work. Which true I did refuse work. I refused to do an AC PM and clean coils when it was 20 degrees outside because I actually take pride in the work I do. Then we picked up in May again and it was alright on hours all the way through when I left in October, but at that point they were starting to get slow again. I talked to my manager about the lack hours and his solution to the problem was maybe I need to adjust my spending habits and save money a little better and I wouldn't be having issues. Now, when there are hours to be had, they do not care about you or your well being. One situation that sticks out in my mind was I was working on a job 5 hours from home last summer on a Friday, I got done with the job at about 4:30 and called to clock out for the day, they told me I was going to be going to do a PM before I got home. I told them it would be 9:30 before I got home as it was and the response I got was "We are a 24 hour a day 7 day a week service company. You know what that means? That means it doesn't matter to us if you get home at 9:30 or you get home at 5:00AM you will be doing this job before you go home" I got the job and saw it was a PM that was released 4 days prior and we had all month to complete it plus we had alot more work to do in the city I was in. I ended up doing the PM and didn't get home that night until 2:30 Saturday morning. All for a PM. If you go to work there, make sure you realize you will be on call probably every week, maybe if your lucky it will only be 2 out of every 3 weeks. Sure you're supposed to be the back up on call guy one of those weeks, but even if you're back up you can't be more than 15 mintues from your van so you might as well just call it was it is... Its being on call. They will expect you to give and give and give to them, but they will never give you anything in return. They expect you to do all kinds of things on your own time either on weekends or at night when you get home from work. These are things that they require you to do but they will not pay you for any of it. If you send in a quote and they cant understand what you mean or they decide instead of just fixing the piece of equipment thats only a few years old they will repalce it, you have to go back to get the information for replacement on your own time. They act like its your fault because you didn't anticipate them quoting to replace a piece of equipment thats only 5 years old. And they will expect you to do a job on your own that shouldn't be done by 1 guy. Coil replacement, compressor replacement, heat exchanger replacement on a 25 ton Voyager, I have done all three by myself at least once. Its like pulling teeth trying to get a second guy to help you with stuff. 175 pound exhaust fan, they expect you to be able to just rope it up the side of the building. As far as the iPad goes, I am not sure what "confidential information" is really on there, I can tell you pretty much anything that I needed on it, I could have found from a simple Google search on my iPhone. Is it a good system, and convenient the way they have things on it? Yes it is, that is the one good thing I will say about them. As far as an important tool to do my job, no. I guess the other good thing was the guys I worked with in the field were good guys too. I still talk to quite a few of them and I can tell you the feelings I have expressed are pretty much universal in everyone I talk to. I guess things aren't reall getting any better either, if anything they are going further down hill nothing but lies come from managements mouths. They seem to think when you work for them, you are not their employee, you are their property. Like I said Im not trying to dig up an argument from the past, but I just hope that anyone who is tihnking about going there and does a simple Google search sees this and truly things twice becuase its not as great as the picture they paint. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting out of there.