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    KBR is currently seeking EPA certified HVAC Mechanics with 3-5 years min exp to work on military bases in the Middle East. If you are interested, please go to and apply for any HVAC position posted. Once you have applied online please email me at

    Thank you.

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    Theres not much info. Whats the pay? Relocation help? Time off? Hours? Living assistance? will you move a family? You ask if anyone wants to work in another country but do not tell them anything other than what the job duties are.

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    I think I'll keep my head, thank you.
    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". --Benjamin Franklin
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    After you submit your resume someone from our office will set up an interview with you and we will cover all the details of the position (living conditions, compensation, etc..)

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    the web page for kellog,brown,root, won't allow you to post a resume?
    whats up?

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    Once you go to you will click on Government Operations, then click on Job Opportunities, type in HVAC in the keyword search and then select one of the posted positions. Once you see the job posting, you will click on the Apply button and you will need to create a new profile. When creating that profile you will be able to upload your resume, or create a new one.

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    Is this contract work? or shift? what about goverment clearance? these area are war zones! in gulf war #1 pay was over 20K month? in hot zones.
    any additional onfo would help.

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    Hot Spots with Halaburton

    Well if life has got ya down an the stress has you taking meds for hyper-tension or the lousy diet most of us have eaten since we were kids has affected your health YOU are not good enough to go!! The diseased, maimed and the felonious are un welcome. Never got far enough to find out WHAT they ARE paying but you pay your own way for 4-6 weeks in We SHOT JFK City (actualy it's Huston I just love to razz the Texaseans)
    Pay starts when you get there how ever much it is. Lots of HVAC reefer and automotive jobs listed. AAAH!!! the ole lady wouldn't want me to go anyway wants ta shoot me herself I guess...


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    Chad, I would make a simple sugestion.
    Create a web site which outlines the working conditions and answers most of the outstanding questions most folks have re: these types of opportunities.
    This way, you could display the link and people here could simply view the FAQ's online and not disturb you or the staff.

    You must understand, these types of workers are usually well informed about every detail of their jobs.
    Some are border line control freaks. And that is okay, within this industry.
    So ... withholding information is tantamount to saying they dont need to know what's going on.
    And that, my friend, will NOT bring in very many workers!

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    There aint no cotton pickin deer in iraq anyway.....

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    just a bunch of ragheads wanting a piece of your hide or your head for a tropy

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    Thumbs down

    I have been waiting for the opportunity too post; my ol' buddy Chad has given me this opportunity. I did the KBR BS. Although all of my paperwork, passport and medical were cleared within the first week; I sat in Houston without pay for a month. I would have came home if it hadn't that I had quit a job that had been filled. Chad told me that when I got there I would literally be a prisoner on my post. After I got to Iraq, I was informed that I would be going on weekly convoys to the Syrian border. As you know the convoys are getting blown-up or shot at frequently. The pay and benefits where not as great as I was lead to believe. I stayed three weeks before I left. Go into this with your eyes open; if it sounds too good to be true it likely is.
    And being reimbursed on out of pocket expenses. That’s whole other story.
    I have a copy of my contract if anyone is interested.


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    texast anyway to see this contract?

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