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    I have a Taylor 339 air cooled 220v single phase unit I converted it from 502 to 408 since then the unit produces good ice cream however it runs a long time. The blades are new. Also the condenser fan doesn't operate when the right side is turned on alone it does operate when the right side is engaged. After the conversion the unit wouldnt run unless I jumped the high pressure switch at this time that swith is jumped out can this be the cause of the constant running I assumed it would cycle off the amperage of the beater motor but that is not happening at this point. Im stumped anything Im missing? Thank

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    did you figure out what is wrong with it?? i am a tab bit late trying to answer your question could be the board that has a whole bunch of relays on it on the bottom control box, you might have the relay that controls the compressor with welded knowing your machine doesn't have a pump you could try swapping relays on that board as they are all the same.

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