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Thread: Carrier 59TP5

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    Carrier 59TP5

    Is this a good furance? I have a pretty old one currently a 35 year old Luxiaire. A couple guys have said it is likely only 60% efficent anymore. But my heat/electric bill is only $150/$175 in the winter. Would it be worth it to replace it with the Carrier 59TP5? Don't know if I would save much money despite it being 95% efficent. Also can anyone tell me any reviews on this model? I tried looking and really could not find much on it. Price wise I was given a good price by one of the large HVAC businesses in my city. I am mostly concered that I won't get my money out of this and if it is reliabie.

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    Nothing is reliable these days and you won't get 35 years out of today's stuff.

    That Carrier, PROPERLY SIZED AND INSTALLED, which sometimes is hard to get, is as good as any in that category.

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