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    condenser coil drain pan melted

    I had a condenser coil and outside compressor replaced a year ago while in Iraq. When turning on the AC it started leaking water from the drain pan ( Vertical coils, Trane XE 80) Had a person come look at it and it appears the drain pan melted inside allowing the water to leak. Should this have happened? Not sure if I am explaining it right. Any advice would be appreciated

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    If your talking bout the indoor coil. Its an evaporator drain pan.

    Could happen if the furnace temp got too high.
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    Negative. The coil pan should not melt under normal circumstances. You say the coil is mounted on a Trane XE80 gas furnace? I'd have a service tech check the high limit control operation. It takes a fairly high temperature with natural gas as the fuel to melt the pan. It's not all that uncommon on an oil furnace if the pan isn't built for it and the installer mounts the coil less than 6-inches above the heat exchanger but for natural gas, there's definitely something amiss.
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    if it was the "evaporator" coil (inside) and it was replaced recently it may be that what melted the pan was the torch work required to make that replacement. warranty?
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    it was installed Summer 2010 so it has been through a complete season, I guess it happened over the winter since it started leaking when we started using the A/C. It is a gas furnace..

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    Have them do a service check on the gas furnace.
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