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    Trane Air Handeler

    Hello All,

    I recently called a professional out to look at one of the air conditioner systems in my house. The problem was the system was turning on but not blowing air but with the Air Handler fan blowing at its lowest speed.

    After going through and checking the filter and cold air returns for blockage and noticing that everything was fine, we then went outside. He noticed the compressor was not turning on. The capacitor was like a blown out coke can and was replaced. The compressor was now turning on and coolant level was normal.

    Going back inside there was now very cold air coming out but still the fan was blowing at its slowest speed. His diagnosis. A bad air handler fan. Do not run the system until the fan is replaced. (Obviously you don't want the pipes freezing)

    I believe his diagnosis to be wrong. The air handler is Trane Model TWE024C14FB0 the fan within has part number TWE024C14FB0 (The same part number?!) I believe it might possibly have to do with the wiring or on some other sites they spoke of dip switch (Maybe this model doesn't have them) settings being the probem.

    I have been unable to find information on this part to do some more research. Obviously I dont want to replace the fan it's good. There are two wires going to the fan. One of the wires is connected to either an 'A' 'B' or 'C'. he stated if you take the lead from 'B' and put it on the other connector it should automatically kick in on high speed. It does not.

    I'm looking for help to see if I need the whole fan replaced. or if the problem is actually the wiring.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    obviously had 2 separate issues. This is not a variable speed blower in that air handler, so there are no dip switches. It is possible one of the windings is bad for the higher speed. It is also possible the blower was going to the higher speed and he didn't realize it, since there may not be that much difference between B and C. I would kindly ask them to verify the motor is bad.


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    Forgive my lack of knowledge (That's why I'm here), but since it is not a variable speed motor what is the reason and need for A,B, and C?

    I'm a little confused about a non variable speed motor and it running at different speeds.

    If it did kick in on high there was not enough air movement to really feel the air from the vents except if you put your hand about 1 inch from the vents. So I am assuming it runs faster or did at one point.

    This is a new old house for me and the first time I have worked on this system. I guess it'll take some time before I become familiar with it.

    Thanks again,

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    What you have is a "multi" speed blower motor. Not a "variable" speed blower motor.
    Multi, you set it or one of its "fixed" speeds. Variable speed blower, you set it for a certain CFM and it speeds up or slows down as needed to maintain set air flow.

    Your motor may be bad, and have a bad winding tap.
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    your service tech knows what he is talking about.

    sounds like he's a keeper.

    that motor is not long for this world, even if the cap is bad, the damage is done.
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