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    What is the best method or recommendation of sub metering (kWh or btu) condenser and chilled water pump usage for billing the end user?

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    My guess is kwh. Is that not how the utility co. bills ?

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    Thanks for responding VTP99!
    That is correct and that is my thought, however we currently have Btu meters used for billing chilled water usage on supplemental HVAC and kWh meters used for billing connected loads, just wanted to get responses on the best practices for measuring pump usage?

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    There are a lot smarter members on this forum then myself. Let's hope they chime in. There is a chiller forum as well. You may want to post your question in that forum. Maybe a MOD could move it.

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    ThanksVTP99, I'm a new member and will check the chiller forum .
    Thanks again for responding!

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