Had a call where the mgr got on an E2 controller and graphed a couple of 8 foot produce multidecks and saw that the discharge air being graphed would go up to 43 degrees a times before it swung back down to 33. He was worried about health inspectors, although this pair of cases never got dinged before. So I found that both cases were run off on mech stat under the case b and one liquid line solenoid valve. The stat was set on 30. Not sure where the bulb was. I checked the discharge air with a k type lead and it was indeed a 10 degree differential. The product was 35 to 37 degrees. I find this normal and acceptable and explained to the mgr that the discharge is not always what the product was and when reading a graph the middle point is likely product temp, the middle of the diff. I turn the stat down approx 1 degree and left. Please let me know your thoughts on what I could have done or what I did was enough. This was an old small market.