I have only worked on 3 chillers and not very extensively. I see that there is a lot of experience and well trained techs out here in this forum. I mostly work with small owners (customers) that usually use whomever is available (me) rather than factory support. I am not factory trained and don't know the details of chillers. Any help is appreciated.

I am working on a Worthington 8 cyl. model BOX-0838-0130-0 SN AK-45101 and it says Senty Recip. It has a part winding start. I this the same as a Y/Delta Starter ?
I have leak and am trying to isolate the lines,condenser(air), receiver, barrel, and comp, to locate leaks. The service valves are not all sealing, is there a way to make them seal ?

The receiver appears to be an old water cooled condenser, as it has two 2 1/2" pipes and a 3" pipe at one end which have been cut off. You can see the unused water tubes inside the vessel. It is a model 14xcds4141 . Is it an old condenser ?