This is for a Traulsen 2 door Commercial Kitchen Freezer. R502, Suction accum. Cap Tube with a EPR or is it a Cpr? I have not worked on alot of these. My Suction pressure well there is none goes right into a vacuum. Head is about 100 psig. When i shut the unit off it does equalize. Does that eliminate filter drier, cap tube ,suct acc. for a blockage? There is no pressure drop accross any of these items or there would be a temp. Diff felt correct? So i suppose my question would be can the EPR cause this. This unit was offline for 1 month with nothing wrong before that. Then was restarted after the mice issues were attended to in the facility and the BOH gave them the green light. Mickey was found dead in the evap tray. RIP. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. See attachment.