we have this unit hanging inside of a data closet. This unit has a hot gas bypass to the evaporator coil and to thesuction line. When this bypass valve is energized we have about 58-59# pressure on the suction side and about 215-230 on the high side and the unit runs fine. has about 15dgree duperheat. When the hot gas bypass drops out my suction pressure drops down to about 54-52 psi which puts me into freezing temp and my coil begins to ice up. Im thinking that the txv is not working properly or there is a blockagfe in the liquid filter drier... Can some one help me out see if im in the right path or what else can i check? This is a R-22 system. Its water/glycol cooled condensor coil. Model mmd20w2p00h0 serial 0631n132398