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    1.5 ton liebert unit

    we have this unit hanging inside of a data closet. This unit has a hot gas bypass to the evaporator coil and to thesuction line. When this bypass valve is energized we have about 58-59# pressure on the suction side and about 215-230 on the high side and the unit runs fine. has about 15dgree duperheat. When the hot gas bypass drops out my suction pressure drops down to about 54-52 psi which puts me into freezing temp and my coil begins to ice up. Im thinking that the txv is not working properly or there is a blockagfe in the liquid filter drier... Can some one help me out see if im in the right path or what else can i check? This is a R-22 system. Its water/glycol cooled condensor coil. Model mmd20w2p00h0 serial 0631n132398

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    whats the temp of the condensor water in /out.

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    How much load is there on the unit? What's the return air temp? Is the air filter full? How's the airflow? Is the termostat in a good location? What's the temp setpoint?

    Answer these questions and you'll likely be able to answer your own question.

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    Thanks for your help. This unit was existing before they renevated the floor. they just added more load to but i think we found the problem yesterday. Supposly no one had touched this liebert during the renevation but when we blocked the return grill to starve the unit we were still moving air. Took the supply grill off and noticed that there was a plate missing that would block the fan from sucking from the supply side. So even thow we were sucking some air across the evaporator most of it was being sucked from the supply side. As of yesterday afternoon it seems to be working fine. Just another learning curve. No matter what they tell you dont rule any possibilty out...

    Thanks again

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