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Thread: cap tube to txv

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    cap tube to txv

    a competitor of mine who has been run out of town, liked doing this..he screwed up a fairly new true ice merchandizer real good with this conversion and the customer is asking me to look at getting it going..
    i want to go back to an oem line set..that said..whats the deal with running a txv on a small compressor with no reciever?

    maybe a link telling me how it works..

    garcia in advace!

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    It works. but it requires a compressor with a start capacitor.

    I've done it twice before for various reasons and just put in a very oversized liquid dryer tilted downward as a receiver. Charged to a clear site glass and added a couple more ounces to partially fill the dryer.

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    It would be easy to overcharge the thing especially with out a receiver.
    Babysit the thing down to temp and then set your SH and adjust charge
    You got good gauges? 134 runs low that cold where most gauges show crappy.
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