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    I worked as a helper last year for a one man company. The first couple of weeks were great, he explained everything as we went along and answered any questions I had. When I started talking to my dad (been in HVAC 30+ years) about the work we had done he told me all the things that weren't being done the corect way. In the time I was there we did about 40-50 CU changeouts, used the recovery machine 3 times (only if the CU was in plain sight from the street), and we never used a vaccum pump the whole time I was there. After seeing some of the pics about the RCB, that is exactly how he put up his capacitors.

    Sorry for the long backstory, just thought it would help with my question. I am thinking of getting back into the field, and wanted to know if there are some key things to look for or ask when meeting a pottential employer?

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    Just explain how you work and what you expect out of the prospective employer. He'll hire only the people who work his way, so you don't really have to worry about being hired by hackman.

    Roof Rat

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    Why do you not work for him, it was his work not yours.

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