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    does anyone know where I can download manuals or information on this chiller?

    had a call on one of these today and it was a real POS. Sits about 50 yards from the gulf of mexico and the condenser is shot. The oil looks like graphite oil and the smell aint pretty. They previously had problems and hired some "techs" who rebuilt the EXVs. The controls look pretty much stock but but are not doing what they are supposed to. One comp keeps unloading for no reason. We know the control ca bles to EXVs need to be replaced nut all the sensors check out.. Of course the owner has no manuals so I can access the diagnostics and do a step by step. Any help is appreciated.

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    Can you get me the serial number? This way you get the correct manual for that machine?

    Also, email me with your email address so I can send it to you directly. My email address is under crudentials.

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