I just had 2 Amana ASXC16 systems (with matched Amana variable speed furnaces) installed and want to double check what I am being told by the installer regarding the ability to help dehumidify my Houston home.

The t-stats are the CTK02 High-Definition Control which have Independent humidification control – built-in dehumidification control

In the T-stat menu system there is an option for Dehumidification Select (DEHUM) and when the installer finished it was set to off.

The installer said that he sets it to on only if I had a real dehumidifier installed along with the AC system.

From installer guide:
Cool Set-up (SETUP)
Dehumidification Select (DEHUM) ON or OFF (Default is OFF)
Selecting “OFF” disables dehumidification
selecting “ON” enables dehumidification to air conditioner only.

Is this correct or should DEHUM be set to on?

If it is set to on - how does this impact the operation of my new AC system?

Thank you for your help.