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    Confused Install complete minus thermostat

    Greetings all, thermostat question here. Did as much homework as I could and filled our brains with info (or turned them into jelly). My HVAC installer calls me (as a compliment) the most involved home owner he has had in his 30 or so years. He has good experience and did a quality job, but this complex system is new to him and he does not want to steer me wrong. I knew he was honest when he admitted he was not as familiar with this and I agree it is hard to keep up with all the new stuff. I purchased a Goodman GMVC950704CXAD heat pump with a CAPF4860C6 Acoil and a DSZC160361AC comp. ProIAQ T855 thermostat. Am having a problem connecting stat and communication wires for full functionality. Bought 10 conductor stat wire and will use 2 of those for the communication. Outside and inside units have RJ11 jack for communication plus the normal wire set for control. Thought I had a 3H/2C system, but the stat manufacturer says I have a 4H/2C system and they don't make one for my type system-YET. Looks like a different stat is needed. Bit confused now. Will call Goodman, but thought I might get a word from the tower here to fly me through the fog...assist is much appreciated.

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    Did you buy the equipment from the contractor?

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    I would have your HVAC "installer" fix the job...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MostInvolvedOwner View Post
    Thought I had a 3H/2C system, but the stat manufacturer says I have a 4H/2C .
    How does that stat know what system you have? What does Goodman say???

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    Thumbs up Install complete minus thermostat

    Thanks for the questions. In order, no, I discussed the system with my installer and ordered a package system from online vendor. Stat came from local vendor. Second, at this point my installer is glad to continue to assist if needed, but there is not much more info he can give. Third, the stat can be set for 3H/2C system. I called Goodman and they would not speak to me. They said I must have my installer call. He might be willing to do that but of course he would be back on clock at that point. I called stat manufacturer and spoke with their tech dept who passed me to their engineer. Engineer agreed I basically knew enough for him to assist, and we spent about 20 min testing signal wires and we got it working. Still have to verify second stage is triggering, but it may not be needed til it gets hotter. Engineer appreciated receiving input on newer Goodman system and they might come out with communicating stat soon. He agreed the Goodman communicating stat was rather overpriced and I should save my money at this point. Basically, the 6 comp leads are RC/RH, C, O, W, Y, Y2 with board dip switch set for non com stat. Stat to furnace leads are RC/RH(jumpered), C, O, G, W/E(W1), Y, Y2, W2. May have to set dip switch on furnace also, but I will see. If I discover something else, I might post a final update. Hope this helps someone else out there.

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    I also would like to help people out there too.

    1. Equipment purchased from online vendors has NO PARTS WARRANTY. If that 2 speed compressor fails or some other part, the manufacturer will not warranty it and the higher end parts (2spd comps, variable speed motors, advanced circuit boards) are not cheap.

    2. If your installer can't wire a thermostat and setup the system to run-you don't have a good installer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by classical View Post

    I wish i had the sound byte of that sound they make on The Price is Right when someone loses at a pricing game.
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    Doesn't this thread fall under DIY???

    I guess you should have paid someone to do it right from the getgo.
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    That'll be one expensive coil to replace, on a 1 year old system.
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    You are going to have to call someone that knows what they are doing. Your installer might have saved you a lot of money by telling you that he did not know how to wire up the stat. Make sure you have the right stat. Keep having him get information from Goodman.
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    I guess I am on a game show. I must have won, because I walked away with an extra $2000 or so that I did not have to pay for a "real" professional. I understand that this was not known and not to get off track to give more of a response than it deserves, but it seems that 2 members found something comical in my having someone "dysfunctional" like a marine veteran who had a heart attack and back surgery within the last year install my system and help him get his HVAC business back. I will leave the determination of possibly "unprofessional" to the forum moderators. Yes, I get the idea that my situation may be somewhat comical to those of you in the industry, and I have a sense of humor if needed. If it is determined this is under "DIY" I will not lose much sleep by stopping my posts. I want to thank the admins for having this site because I know this is what the internet does at its best by providing shared information. Anyway, my installer could not even come close to getting the same price from any of his local vendors for my system. The place I bought it does offer the manufacturer warranty and that is why I must register it with them soon. Yes, I took a chance, but even a local place can give just lip service when the warranty is needed. The system is running good now and the stat runs within the programmed settings. It maybe runs for about 45 min total a day at this point since it is not so hot yet. I will continue to get info and see if I need to make more changes. Anyone here is welcomed to read the same information I did if they want to take the time, but the install manual states that the FULL "Comfort Net System" indeed uses only 2 digital communication wires (besides the 2 transformer) between the indoor and outdoor units and all 4 between the furnace and stat. I had to wire mine legacy since I did not get the Goodman stat and the leads are on the units for those connections.

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