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    New and Need advice

    I'm on disability and probation. Both will go away with a few months on the job. No felonies good driving record. I really only want to work on the commercial side. I live around Cincinnati OH.

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    Get into an apprenticeship program
    do something to counter your record that is positive

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    yes, do positive. and realize the importance of taking baby steps on your way to learning your stride. i'm just a little up the road from you on the path. generally speaking, nothing comes easy. be determined.

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    Surprisingly,the record may not be much of a problem. I have worked a number of companies that half the guys had been arrested for something, including the owners.

    I'm assuming you have hvac qualifications.

    The thing that seemed to matter most was a clean driving record. Keeps the company rates down.

    The disability could be an insurance problem.

    When you go to apply, don't act like you are the only guy to ever be arrested. Most people are willing to give a guy a chance.

    If you get an interview, show up sober and on time (and not naked, unless you are applying with MARKL!)

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