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    Confused HVAC Buddy Load Calc

    Has anyone tried HVAC Buddy Load Calc for Android?

    Looks nice, but almost too cheap if it does what it claims, compared to Wrightsoft especially.

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    Menue -> Preferences -> Screen color and brightness

    See what options are selected there.
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    I downloaded it, just for fun. I was interested to compare it with elite and wrightsoft. I have only done one project with it and it seemed pretty decent. Compared it with a wrightsoft load calc i did and they landed pretty close (cooling was off but it think i added overhangs and drapes in hvac buddy and not in wrightsoft) heating was within 2,000 btus. I would be interested to know if it is manual J 'approved/sanctioned/certified'. If anyone knows. I haven't been able to find this information. All in all, it seems pretty solid. It doesn't have the drawing capability of wrightsoft but it is pretty easy to use and accurate. It allows emails of the reports and graphs to be sent. Wrightsoft mobile consultant is much better but is also 10x the cost and has a yearly subscription.

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    Just bought this app for the iPad.
    Looks pretty good so far. According to the CNET review it is supposed to be based on Manual J.
    I'm still learning how to use it, but think its going to be very useful.
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