First thing refigeration guys I am 25yrs hvac not refrigeration so, I am asking for your expert advice. A building I take care of has a tennant that has lost two compressors in six year old unit.This is a walk in freezer. One of our service techs condemened compressor after changing all start components. Compressor was pulling 85 amps at start but, not starting ,then tripping breaker. There has been a new compressor installed with matching start components. The system is 404a. The unit seems to run ok now but,looking for more suggestions. The compressor does pump down and shut off when case is satisfied. The compressor is two stories fom case.There has been no other reported issues such as case temp,defrost etc.The compressor starts at about 75-80 amps peak at start. It does start. Runs at 11.5 a. What kind of Pressure, SH and SC should we run? Would you suggest a CPR? Any other suggestions are welcome. I keep it cool. You guys keep it really cool. Thanks !