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Thread: Ripped Off

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    Quote Originally Posted by corny View Post
    Lock your doors. With all of america slowly turning into drug addicts your own neighborhood wont be safe for too much longer.

    It would be neat to get a nice big toolbox and then put a pipe bomb in it made out of schedule 80 pvc....get a biggggg box so you can use 4 inch or 6 inch pvc.... then rig a detonator that uses a plunger that closes the electric contacts when the lid is opened.

    You can buy smokeless powder in large quantities and an ignition circuit is easy to make.

    Ive made smaller pipe bombs just for entertainment purposes using D batteries and the ribbon material out of an automotive cig lighter for ignition.

    It would be cool..... would have to leave some tools in there or some pieces of metal so they can hear something in there rattling around. Might want to fill it with some roofing nails or some broken up beer bottles too.....

    A hardshell computer case would be even better..... use several pipe bombs.....leave it stood up on the front seat......door left unlocked.......

    A little harsh for a theif but unless we start fighting back these folks are just going to steamroll right over the top of us.
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    Guess you might have to put a disclaimer on your van.... perhaps a bumper sticker that tells everyone that there is a bomb inside....

    Im sure that would take care of any legal liability.

    Or get one of those "Protected by Smith and Wesson" license plates and take a sharpie and write on the plate "and a bomb"......
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    uuum ya, booby-traps = jail, in every state

    In NYS if they die, that's PER-meditated murder. (actually in NY your suppose to let *them* take your stuff. Even if you catch *them* in your home and *they* are unarmed, your suppose to retreat to a safe room or something and let them go and call police, according to our gated community politicians, nothing is worth someones life, unless it's THEIR stuff....idiots)
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