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    Question Considering HVAC

    Recently I have beem thinking about joinging the jobcore hvac program. Basicly before I male the year commitment to the schooling I was hoping to get some words of wisdom from some experienced hvac techs. I have no construction backround/experience will ths hinder me in the a/c field? I'm able bodied and I pick up on things fairly quick, but I don't own any tools. I've heard that I should know plumbing but I wasn't told why. Also if there is a member who has been through jobcore or worked with a jobcore graduate what are your thoughts on the program?

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    I really see no reason to know plumbing. You will need a few tools, they should have a list for you of specific tools to buy. Background in construction is not needed but helpful, especially in electrical. This trade is a little more involved than some of the other trades. If you like science and electricity and have a curiosity of how things work you should be fine with this trade.

    I don't know anything about the jobcore program but you are correct to be asking about it first, and any other school you think you might want to go to.
    Best of luck to ya!
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    one would think that a "school" would teach the things needed pertaining to the "subject".

    that being said,

    this trade is more indepth than some
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    Welcome here!

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    HVAC/R is The BEST Trade Hands down. I think you are making the right choice in your career path. Do some College courses that get you HVAC Lic Then work as an Apprentice in the field.You put your time and effort in and the $ will come.GoodLuck!!

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    If you are mechanically inclined you will have no problem.I strongly believe that it is a must in this trade.

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    I'm about to finish an HVAC program. I really was never exposed to this type of work before. I am good with my hands- fix clocks as a hobby. But I didn't really own decent tools. I am glad I went to school to learn this stuff, though. I haven't been in "the field" yet but I am sure that, with experience, I'll be able to provide a more stable future for myself that before I started. As far as no experience with this type of work... I was in the same situation. My advice to you is this: stick to your goal and ask as many questions as you need to. For instance, an instructor kept using the term FITTING. Everyone seemed to know what it was. I didn't. So I had to ask. Don't be shy about learning. A real instructor will respect your thirst for his knowledge. Be ready, however, to feel like an outsider. A lot of the guys learning it have a natural skill and sometimes your insecurity with your limited knowledge will make you feel stupid. But again, if you're serious about learning people will see it and eventually respect it.

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