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    An easy way to bring 40 million customers to your business

    An easy way to bring 40 million customers to your business

    spend a lot of money on advertising?
    offer discount products at a good price?

    forget about all that!
    welcome to the modern age.

    simply pass a law that says every working person in America MUST buy your product.

    at least 40 million people will now become unwilling purchasers of health insurance, ...where they will get the money is their own problem.

    contact Barack Obama, c/o The White House, to see if he can pass a law that forces Americans to buy products from YOUR business today!

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    Yeah, why don't they just take it out of our paychecks, like they do with SS and Medicare?

    Too big of a bite?
    Bad politics to create another money pit supported by taxes?
    Vacuum Technology:
    CRUD = Contamination Resulting in Undesirable Deposits.
    CRAPP = Contamination Resulting in Additional Partial Pressure.

    Change your vacuum pump oil now.

    Test. Testing, 1,2,3.

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