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    sfv california
    well I live in socal guess ill let my drivers license expire get an out of state id and anytime i get a ticket just change the id never pay for tickets but seriously we're being over run here, now literally by illegals help

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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlsInMT View Post
    Okay so the obvious here is...They are here illegally!!!!!! The rest is just frosting on the cake.
    Well, here in Alberta the insurance computers are linked to the equivalent of a US State/Federal DMV computer system, so no registration, insurance or valid driver's license, no car! End of story, too bad so sad...

    Many but not all (legal system's discretion after investigation) of these vehicles end up at police auctions and are sold off to suckers like us (most are not worth buying), who then have to pay to have them certified as NOT stolen or wrecked (even from the US), inspected/repaired to meet Provincial (State) safety standards, and THEN we can drive our prizes away (yuk-yuk)!

    Not that we don't have our own problems with illegal residents, just not as many as you folks in the warmer climes...

    Yet another from "The Great White North" (not too snowy this year though)...

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    Let's all think back to drivers ED. Driving is a privilege not a RIGHT!!!
    let's think back even farther to the Constitution.

    do you really believe that your tax dollars built roads, your tax dollars maintain roads, and you have NO RIGHT to them?

    can you imagine what would have happened if some politicians told Thomas Jefferson he couldn't take notes or smoke while on horseback?
    there would be a bunch of criminals who called themselves "politicians" hanging from trees.

    you have rights to public areas.
    can the state make some rules? yeah.

    but when politicians and lawyers start dictating to the public, it's the lob of the public to get rid of these people.
    just because everyone has excepted the slogan that people hjave no rights on public land, doesn't mean it's accurate.

    The first person that loses a family member to an unlicensed driver in LA should sue the police chief and the four members of the board that approved of his decision.

    you have one issue with the government refusing to enforce immigration laws.
    problems that the government creates by not taking care of problems.

    you can't sue the police and the city council for things they have nothing to do with.
    just because we're used to the lawyers doing things like this, ...because they like to collect our tax money, doesn't mean it's right.

    your right would be to attempt to seek criminal prosecution of the driver for negligence. it really doesn't matter if he had a license or not.

    the purpose of the DMV is to collect tax money.
    when the DMV gets too involved with telling normal people who can drive and who can't, then we have a totalitarian state.

    if you sue the police and the city council for some illegal driving action that somone did one day, then their response would be to set up random road block searches.

    (asking people to show their driver's license would be permitted, random searches for anything else is forbidden under the 4th)

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    usually the city respects a person's right to go to work, but some politician got the bright idea to steal people's property.
    the government has no authority to STEAL your property and sell it, no matter what law they say you broke.

    as we all know, no one cares about Americans, the people to go to for endless taxes, but it turned out , ..since Los Angeles is about 65% Hispanic, nearly all of the cars the city was stealing were from Hispanics. the Hispanic organizations made a racial incident out of it and got it over-turned.
    LAPD would not ignore a law without the city's permission.

    just for the record, after i got my ticket i went on these forums and complained about it and most of you told me i was crazy.
    in a rare case where the city strikes down a law, i guess i was right eh?

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