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    AC unit not working

    Hi, my outside AC unit stopped spinning and providing cold air to the house. I opened up the unit and noticed the contactor was burnt out. I replaced the contactor on Monday and the unit was working fine up until this morning. The blades are no longer spinning and there is no more cold air coming into the house. My question to you is, if I wired the contactor incorrectly would the unit have worked for 4 days? I did open the unit up this morning before work and noticed one of the main wires (sorry don't know the name but they are connected to L1, L2, or T1, T2, don't remember) looked like it was burnt, it was browning by the connection. Before I call someone to come look at the unit, would anyone have an idea what might be wrong? Is the new contactor shot or is there another problem I may be unaware of. The unit is a Rheem 10 SEER, dont know the model but figure it is from 1996-2000.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    not a DIY site, you need a profesional

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    Sounds like you might have a serious problem. A service tech will need to look to see what all is wrong.
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