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    yep 407c saturation temps are close enough to wing it with electronics im sure
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    Right on 407c!!!!!!!!

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    I would have serious concerns "winging it" with R407c considering the glide when using a DX chiller vessel working off microprocesser staturated pressure/temperature properties of another refrigerant for the chillers safty protection.

    I guess you could fit an external low pressure switch for protection but the chillers reliable operation would be compromised.
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    I've seen R407c and R22 use the same thermal expansion valves in some cases.

    I've seen it a lot on split systems.

    The bigger problem on the rtwa will be oil separation capacity. POE oils blend with refrigerant a lot better then mineral oils, which is why no traps are needed on high temp split systems using poe oils.

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    Carrier just sent out some info on converting 22 to 407' on a 100 ton machine it's like 17k to convert it. I haven't seen the labor involved . I'm shure if trane would let you convert it would be in the same relm , may want to replace the machines. Don't think it's worth the cost to convert. I don't remember what they said about capacity. Dozed off during that meeting

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