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    I would like to know if someone could tell me how I may go about starting my own busIness in the states (specifically Florida)? Or working for someone in the Refrigeration, A/C or Low Temp business? How is the demand vs. supply for these markets?

    I've been in the business for 13 years specializing in Low Temp and Environmental Test Chambers. Is there a high demand for this field vs. the traditional refrigeration and A/C market?

    Any information regarding salaries in these fields for a mecanic with a HVAC&R college degree as well as a 2 year professional degree in refrigeration & A/C?

    Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    ontario, Canada
    Hey Im from ontario and I inquired about getting a work permet to work in the states. I have a friend in Florida who's brother ownes an HVAC business. I called this lawyer from Windsor and they said they could get a temp work permet for $1600 for 6 months. After that you have to leave. To get a permanent work visa it is a HUGE hassle. You would be better off to marry an american girl and get in that way. Sounds lame but its probably the easiest. Unless you work for a company who can pull a work visa for you.

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    Thanks for the reply 1stanner...I'm already married and that route would be closed.So I guess I'm going to have to do it the hard way!!!!My question was to complicated and I can understand why no one else replied... I do know that there is a hefty investment that has to be made $$$$$.I just need to know how much and where to start? Is it expensive to be sponsred?

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