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    I am considering working for JCI. What are the salary ranges and benefits for a technician or engineer with 15+ years experience in controls and 10+ years experience with Metasys (MESA, NCM, N30, M-Series, etc.). I can commission, start-up, program, service, design, and CAD a project from start to finish. I also have equal experience in new system construction and customer service. I gain lots of JCI experience from working for a JCI Distributor that sold full Metasys systems. Do techs or engineers get vehicles? How is health / dental / vision, insurance? Do techs or engineers get overtime pay or bonuses? Is the 401k plan pretty good? Are there any education benefits for going to college? Is training programs pretty good? Is there any hope from moving from a field position to project manager or sales? Any information would be nice.

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    JCI has gone through a good bit of re-structuring and downsizing the last couple of years.

    I don't believe they have a lot of Project Managers left based on their new model. From what I know they have taken a higher level tech and combined some Project Management duties on them and re-titled them as a Lead System Specialist.

    I wouldn't expect to move up into a PM position unless this changes. There are some really high expectations of these LSS individuals. You would be teching and PMing along with programming and designing jobs. If you like being financially responsible on top of just getting the job done then this may be a good fit.

    Their benefits have always been pretty good but there are rumors they downgraded some benefits based on position held. I'm not sure on the vehicles. I see JCI vans so I presume they would provide that.

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    On the installation side of things there are several positions. Controlgeek hit it right on the head. I can add this:

    As of Jan 2006 no more pension for new hires.
    Everyone still has 401k with matching. The 401k has been a great plan in the past, I hope it continues.

    Health insurance is middle of the road. Some companies give more, alot give less. Dental, vision, holiday, vacation and stock purchase plan are also pretty good.

    Some of the titles:

    System Technican; van and overtime.

    System Designer; NO van and overtime.

    Lead System Specialist; van and NO overtime and responsible for everything under the sun.

    There's some more titles in the mix that I don't know the details about.

    JCI will reimburse for "job related" college courses. They seem to be pretty open about what is "job related".

    Training is not what it used to be. Your pretty much on your own. Figure it out. Read the pdf's. Hope.

    The carreer path is open provided your willing to play the JCI way. Managers are moved around quite a bit. I know several in upper management who started in the field.

    It's a good job, I have no regrets.

    Get as much as you can going in, expect 2%-4% annual raise. Good luck.

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    What are the salaries ranges for these positions: System Technician, System Designer, and Lead System Specialist? How do you think they compare to a sales position? Right now, I do a fair bit of sales and estimating as well, but I also enjoy the technical side of the business as well.

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    Pay levels vary by region, so I can only comment one what I've seen.

    System Tech; entry level. They will get you as cheap as they can.

    System Designer; I would "guess" $45k-$70k per year plus overtime. Only going my my personal experience.

    Lead System Specialist; The sky is the limit. I've seen several in the $70k-$80k range. Keep in mind LSS gets no overtime and is responsible for EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. This position in almost like running your own business, you must work all the time.

    With your many years of experience I'm sure you could take your pick of the positions. It depends on the person and how deep you want to go in your career.

    I know nothing about sales except it's like selling real estate. There's a bunch out there but only a few are getting rich.

    And remember, there are several more positions that I know nothing about. Depending on your location (big city), they might offer a title I don't know about.

    Ask specific question and get all offers in writing. Make sure "everything" is discussed and documented.

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    Thanks for all the good information. It has been helpful. However, I do have one more question. Is JCI new construction separate from service? Do the service tech / engineers get paid more or less the same as their new construction counterparts?

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    JCI WAS a great company to work for, with great people and offerings. As the blue statement says Employees are important to the company. But of couse this was before the shareholders started to lose money and changed everthing.

    To date -> May 26,2006 people are still leaving JCI and this has caused a shortage of good trained people.

    How can you retain customers if you let go folks with over 20 years, and rehire people with 0 years to do the same work.

    As always this is just my beef

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    "I do have one more question. Is JCI new construction separate from service? Do the service tech / engineers get paid more or less the same as their new construction counterparts?"

    On the NON-UNION side of JCI you will make more money in installation. You will always be working with the newest unfinished beta product that is going to change the world. And yes, there is a big fat line between service and installation.

    I agree with Integrator's comments with the exception of being a good company to work for. It's still good for some people, the ones that didn't get burnt.

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    Yes.. LSS is a spooky crazy job. Many people I work at this branch with were offered an LSS position and turned it down because of the "extra work with less pay" proposition. Our branch has only on LSS and he works like a dog.

    The overall structure goes something like this:

    System Technician (ST) ---> System Designer (SD) ---> [System Engineer (SE) OR Lead System Specialist (LSS)] ---> Project Manager (PM)

    SE and LSS are roughly equivalent, but their functions are different. A large project would utilize one (or several) System Engineer who would then report to a PM. A SE is considered to be a regional assett while the LSS is a branch assett.

    A LSS would essentially PM a smaller job and, depending on the project size, would have an SD and ST working for him. Smaller projects, determined by overall billing, would just have the LSS from start to finish. The snag is that usually an LSS is running several projects at the same time and that's where the crazy-spooky hours factor in.

    I can't comment on the pay-scales as I am a contract employee and not a true JCI "guy in blue".

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