Hello..... Just signed up and ready to pursue the trade once again.. I'm from Creemore, Ontario and shortly will be moving to Vancouver where I had been born.. Its been about 20 years and visited BC on occasion. I had moved from BC when I was around 7.. Well i guess the parents helped with that.. I'm 27.. I was in the HVAC trade for about 4.5 years and attained my gas fitters license G2 but ended up wrecking both of my shoulders from sports.... mainly hockey...Had surgeries on the left and right shoulders, got some major repairs and awesome scars.. So i ended up taking another job at a retail hardware location to help with the ease of surgeries and now that its all done I'm ready to get back at er.. So in a month and a half I'll be heading to Vancouver to live and now I'm after a refrigeration apprenticeship. crossing my fingers for companies searching to sign up apprentices.
Thank you Nick