back in the early 1900's many people around the world were excited because Karl Marx and his cronies sat down and hammered out the blueprint for modern society. They would focus on the facts, on human behavior, and ignore God to come up with the perfect system.

as this system failed miserably, and the Nazis were one step away from ending the whole story, dedicated Socialists in the west refused to give in.
Dedicated Socialists like President Franklin Roosevelt lied to Congress and kept the supply lines open to keep the feeble Russian government alive.

Despite the fact America was involved with preserving the biggest mass murderer in history, ...Communism in Russia, guys like Roosevelt ignored the death toll and started enacting the Socialist poison in America.

FDR introduced Social Security/Unemployment/Welfare.
Americans were faced with the question of excepting the foreign Socialist BRIBE or stick with the Constitutional system where everyone was equal, expected to earn their own way, and there was no free gifts.

Ida May Fuller, the first Social Security recipient, paid a total of $24 into the system and her first monthly paycheck was $22.

Q: "Where does the new money come from"
A: "New participants"
Q: "Isn't there a point where people might have no jobs or there isn't enough new people to support the system?"
A: "That's for your grand kids to worry about"

by supporting this foreign Socialist system, Americans took the bribe then, gave power to a group of people who don't believe in rights and the Constitution, and would worry about problems later.
(hopefully they would be dead and their grand kids would be able to deal with it)

over the years the Socialists took more money, and cut back on benefits.
then, it became, "the system is going broke, if you want to collect your benefits then you have to vote Democrat, and let us pass more unconstitutional crap"

then in 1965 Johnson enacted Medicare.

Social Security lasted 70 years, with constant threats of going broke, and now the younger generation will be paying in their whole life and is being told not to expect any retirement.

Medicare went 47 years and Socialist Obama said that it can not be saved no matter how much they raise taxes.
the government has created IPAB with the purpose of denying medical procedures to save money.

how is this country not on the brink of a revolution for the fact this government illegally enacted another Socialist program, Health care, which is worse than the other two combined?
The Socialist stacked the deck and selected Romney, the guy who enacted ObamaCare in his state, as the "opposing" candidate.

currently, people can stay on unemployment for 2 years.
do you really think that will last forever?

if the benefits of SS ran out in 70 years and the benefits of Medicare ran out in 47, how long will health care last? ...20 years?
...well the only thing that matters is, they'll be collecting a lot of money for it.