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Folks can go to a 2 or 3 or 4 year tech school course... and STILL they hire on as beginners, at beginner wages.

There is NO substitution for lots of on the job experience in this field... and IMO no amount of schooling will teach one what a few years on the job will.

It is no surprise most states require 4 years of verifiable full time employment to qualify to test for a license in heating and AC. The reason: It takes that long to learn it...
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If you have a strong mechanical aptitude, it will take at least 4-5 years to be "competent". 10 years to be "good", and 15 years to a lifetime to be "one of the best". Even then, only a select few actually qualify. There are also people with 30+ years in the trade who are barely "competent".
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Whatever!!!! This stuff ain''t rocket science, get off the cross we need the wood.
In my sometimes not so humble opinion (IMNHO); we may have an example of the difference between someone that knows the basics well enough to get by... and someone that TRULY knows the details. (Nothing personal is intended by this post, simply making an example of attitudes towards the work).

Now which one would each of us want doing their service work, repairs, or installation... and why?