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    Weight of 50hp Century motor?

    Anyone know how much a Century PN 6-370427-01 50hp motor weighs? Got a crane coming tomorrow to yank it off the roof. I tried a quick google search, but ended up getting the run-around. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I would guess around 2000 pds.

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    I just purchased a 125hp motor. Shipping weight was 1250.

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    I turned two 30HP motors in for scrap and I think they were about 250lb each.
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    Anywhere between 250 to 350 lbs

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    Well, found out it was 399#. Crane operator picked it up, looked at his computer and said it weighed 399.

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    Now we all know!

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    The crane has a scale but no calender...tomorrow was 3 months ago.

    I was thinking 450 before I scrolled down.

    What's up with the motor, replace or rewind?

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    Sorry, I forgot my username again. I used to get on this website yrs ago but one day I couldn't get logged on so I just quit using it. Now I'm back on under a different name and I almost forgot my username again. If I would've checked the "remember me" box a long time ago I wouldn't be in this position. But to answer your question, we just replaced it. Took it to the place where we get our motors, they said they could rebuild it but a couple hundred more I could get a new one. They told me they would be happy to get rid of the old one for me! Told them to load it back into my van. I know exactly how much it weighed, i took it straight to the scrapyard to see how accurate their scales were. For yrs, I thought my scrap guy had light scales, but this time he was right on. He gave me enough for a annual fishing license and some new tackle.

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