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    Hard on buildings

    Don't have your in-sidewalk towers blow on your building!
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    When i clicked on this, i thought you were going to show us a building with some "interestingly" anatomically correct gargoyles.

    That is awesome! Did you tell them you dont do windows?
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    Or if you must blow towers against the building, better make sure you have the best chemical treatment guy in town!

    Towers at my plant are below grade and blow up through grates just like in your pics. But there's no white chalky residue on the grates or anywhere else. Other towers in town I've seen do just like in your photos. I have the best water treatment guy in town...good water treatment pays in so many ways!
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    A good, sharp scraper will be the best thing needed to clean those windows!!! Water treatment is sooo over-rated!!!
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    How about some of that Jet-x stuff? It'll make the water bead up and roll right off!
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