Was on a job the other day and wanted to share this....

was told to go on a floral case, our guy was just there and replaced the tev and, was back again to adj.

case was in low temp. Alarm overnight, I was asked to checkout 'cause the original tech was not in that day and it's now a sore subject.

found multi-deck floral case was 26 degs and flood back to rack...hmmm.

checked and saw valve was just replaced w/ new sqe body and power element for 134a.

Googled the mfr. for more info on the required tonnage....pumped down and removed powerhead/element to find that the cartridge was never installed.

I find interesting 'cause this could ,and should, have been avoided. And I should have known right away, as the little aluminum tag to identify the cartridge was not attached as it should have been.

I installed the blue cartridge, and tagged appropriately, and case is working great.