Hey guys,
pretty new to the supermarket industry as I've spent my whole apprenticeship in HVAC thus far, so I thought I would get some feedback regarding proper piping practice that any of you use who may be in the industry. As any of you in HVAC know, it is pretty common practice now-a-days to purge while brazing on all new systems- especially ones that will have POE in them due to POE's scrubbing ability (not to mention the acid formation from the carbon residual combining with all that nice new gas and oil). In addition to purging, my experience in HVAC, as well as everything I've been taught and have learned about refrigeration thus far has taught me to be as vigilant as an emergency room doctor with respect to keeping systems free from contaminants and moisture.

Well WELCOME TO SUPERMARKETS, LOL!!! SO far I have had a jaw dropped to the floor and eyes popping out of my head on a daily basis due to the difference in tolerance, for lack of a better term. When I asked why such measures were not taken to prevent contamination from moisture and other non-condensibles, I was told that regular supermarket maintenance includes regular filter changes, that the systems are just so big that they are less 'delicate' than HVAC systems, and that due to time constraints, the focus is more heavily placed on "get it in, and guarantee no leaks!"

Now, all HVAC guys out there can say what they will about proper installation procedures, but this info has come from A LOT of guys with A LOT of years in the grocery store industry, and there are not TONS of service calls and premature component breakdowns. The other thing that totally shocked me is how frequent there is no pressure test done and welds just HAVE to be good enough......that's one I'm still on the fence about.

Anyways, I just wanted to get a good thread going on this. So whadda you all think?