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    Scotsman refrigerant changed from 502 to hp80

    Have a Scotsman CM 1200/1400 units takes 6 min before water temp cold enough to begin ice building then sump runs out before cubes are ready.
    Question 1- is the refrigerant change from r502 to HP80 affect this time
    Question 2- wheres is water going (drain is overflow tube not a valve) if I overfill sump it will run for a few batches before running too low (cleaned inlet valve) Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Someone else has replaced timer motor, receiver, head press control and expansion valve and removed inlet strainer. I came into this after the fact.

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    Thats a large machine it is going to take a bit to chill that much water.

    Depending on the ambient temp you should be dropping ice every 15-20 minutes.

    If your sump is running dry your either leaking it or it isnt getting full enough to begin with.

    Your batch may be to big.

    The water line may be partially clogged.

    The water inlet valve is energized during harvest you may have to add some harvest time to get the sump to the desired level.

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    Unit level?
    Overflow seated high enough?
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    Where is the water going? My guess would be is not flowing straight down from the water distributors and spraying into the bin. (cleaning would solve this) or the sump could be leaking, or maybe the solenoid is not functioning properly and your only getting a partial fill. Is the ice formation even our are there huge cubes at the bottom and tiny cubes at the top. I think that if you stare at it long enough it will be obvious where the water is going. Then you can figure out why.

    Ps cycle time is 14 - 18 min with 502

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