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    When installing a new thermostat, at what height do you install it?

    The reason I ask is I just had over a hundred thermostats that had to be moved down to 42". It really looks stupid and a lot of people are pissed because now their kids can mess with them. It turns out the it is a federal/state requirement for apartments for the American with Disabillities Act. Any apartment that is ground floor or accessable by elevator needs to be set at 42". That is the same height as your normal light switch. Not only does it look bad it is gonna make the units run longer.

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    Has the ADA changed their height limit above floor? It used to be 54" max. for side reach and 48" max. (or 46", I forget) for front reach. Of course, 42" is less than 54" or 48", so it complies. I won't argue or debate ADA or codes because there are many exceptions, instances, etc. depending on certain particulars. When debating codes it seems everyone has an opinion and sometimes they're right.

    If the apartment complex is funded by public monies - and that is another debate by itself, this may indeed be a legitimate mandate. A local handicap advocacy group is testing the waters in court, of course, to claim that if an entity borrows money from any govertment backed bank, such as FDIC, they feel that is considered 'public money'. They are a nortorious group with a noble cause, but they have vile attitudes and methods to get the job done.

    I set T-stats at 60" centered, right at eye height for me and many people of average (my average) height. If special circumstances dictate, I will set them lower to the customer's wishes. If kids are a bother, install locking covers or slap their D@^& hands. I mean the parents, if they can't control kids and convince them to leave it alone, they need some parenting skills themselves. Like that Rush Limbaugh satirical commercial "This is a message from the Oklahoma State Legislature reminding you... it's OK to spank your kids".
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    I put em around 60" (I don't always measure them exactly, most of the time I just go chin height). If you mount the new digital stats too low they are a PITA to read.
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    60" is the NORMAL requirement here unless it is a commercial rental/lease(and zoned as such), then it must be made handicapped accessible, I.E. wheelchair ramps,widened doors,48" thermostats. This is a state specicific thing and will vay according to your state's law.

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    Hospital I work at built a new surgery center. All thermostats are mandated at 42" height for hndcp. accessability. I can't wait for service carts,gurneys,ect. to start tearing them off of the walls. You can't put any protection around them.
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    I put them in the return air plenum if they're not on the confusor already.

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    They're all dummy stats in the hospital anyways aren't they??? I can tell you first hand our stat didn't work, so I presumed it wasn't meant to.
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    About 5 feet up, I never measure it, I got a good eye, don't need a level either, I am that good.
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    I put um as high as my nose.

    Unles the customer is tall, then I put um over my head.
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    they should just give 'em a lil stick to move the temp up and down and set it at 5' where it should be... (kidding)

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    we just added air conditioning to all of the units in a WWII era apartment building. the owner said he also wanted all the stats moved to a normal height. for some reason the origional ones had been installed at 3 feet.

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    Did a job years ago where we mounted 84 sensors (yes sensors) at 60". We had to go back and relocate them all down. When we asked why they told us they had to be handicapped accessible. We told them they were sensors and none adjustable, the women said to me what if a handicapped worker in a wheel chair has to work on them. I asked her who would hire a handicapped person to do HVAC work and how would they get on a ladder and above the ceiling to service the unit that the sensors go too. Her answer was no person could be discriminated against. She latter sent a letter to the building owner asking how many handicapped maintenance people worked for them. You had to see this women she was on a mission, with her tape measure and book of notes on any offenders she came across, she measured the parking spaces and found one of the yellow lines was to close and had them repaint that line over about two inches. Mind you, they had 16 spaces that most likely would never get used. The old rule for handicapped bathrooms was worse; they had to be separate from the regular bathrooms, now they can be all in one.
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    In a commercial setting I put them at 46-48" about light switch height.
    Why? most women are unable to read them if they are much higher and you all know how women can complain in offices.the average height of women in NA is 5' 4"

    secondly most of the time when sitting the head is around 4ft high thus they notice the temp mostly at this height
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