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    LP Furnace or a heat pump?

    I am building a new house in the Raleigh NC area. I am building out to far to get Natrual gas so I am looking at LP.

    The builder uses a lot of heat pumps, I am interested in possibly using a gas unit. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as the best way to go. A heat pump does not always seem to be very efficient when temps get real low out side. I am wondering if the gas unit will be more efficient and cheaper to run than a heat pump even using LP.

    The units that are used are I believe to be 15 seer split heat pump, the house is also a energy star home. I am also looking at a gas hot water heater over electric if anyone has any thoughts on that also.

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    I would use both. Do a dual fuel system so that when the temperature gets below X the LP furnace comes on and above X temperature the much more efficient heat pump runs. All of this will depend on your fuel rates, your heat loss calculation(VERY important) and your efficiencies of your systems and of course your specific area weather data which a pro in your area should be able to help you with.
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