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    float switch?

    Umm where would you mount it? in the blower section? im in Canada not sure if that is even being considered here. any pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ascj View Post
    How is that even accomplished on the smaller RTU's?

    Alot of the pans are just as wide as the coil and tight against them.
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    I did two last summer, existing units that the lines had stopped up. But they had an 1 1/2" on the pan to put it on, used a bulldog float switch.

    Don't see an easy way to fix one with 1/2" gap by pan, and don't think wet switch would work in base pan of unit.

    Hard way would be to put second sheet metal pan under main pan and put switch on that.
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    Try an Aquaguard AG 3180E
    Get them from Totaline

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