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Otto, for all your Jew bashing you still fail to mention one thing.
I have been around both the Muslim and Jewish community and can tell you first hand, they are two peas in a pond as far as ethics and nepotism .
Thats why they hate each other , both are constantly trying to take advantage of each other.
That does not go for all Jews, but it sure does go for every Muslim ive ever worked for.

Oh yeah, and that nonsense about why you and your wife dont like americans,, pfft, your own holy book preaches death and torture to the infidel, in case you didnt know, that means unbeliever, so anyone who doesnt believe what you believe should be killed
Evidently you dont even know what you believe or have been taught.
Dont worry, most people never open their bible either.

But i wouldnt put to much stock in the teachings of Ole Mo, he was a murderer , pedophile and that whole caught away to Mecca nonsense had to be demon possession.
Hey dude, watch it there with Otto. He posted a "friendly" post in reply to my inquiring post and called me foul names, said he hated me and folks like me who are ignorant, his wife hates America, etc.

I guess in an unfriendly post he would be calling for a fatwa against you and you had better protect yourself. LOL Thank you very much