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    Discontinued systems in proposal. Unethical?

    I recently received two proposals to replace my heat pump. In doing research, I found that the heatpump is discontinued.

    Note: I am not asking for prices....

    Outdoor unit: 4TWX5030A1
    Indoor unit: TAM7A0C36H31
    AHRI: 4385466

    Outdoor unit: 4TWX5030A1000A
    Indoor unit: TAM7AC83H21SA
    AHRI not provided

    Now it seems that both outside units are discontinued. What is annoying is that I asked before proposal if their systems are new. Both mentioned that yes that usually a month old or late 2011.


    1. Can I insist on using an active system? Like using 4TWX5030B1 instead?
    2. Is this a non issue? I take it like buying a car, newer models have improvements compared to previous year model. It will be nice to know that beforehand.
    3. Can someone find out about the air handler in the second proposal. I can't find it.

    4. Do you pros put out discontinued systems? Isn't this wrong and unethical of customer is not told about it?

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    There's a minor change and we don't know what it is most of the time. Could be that they changed brands of fan motors for example. In fact, we're never told when there's a change like that til it shows up. So, in my opinion, there isn't a problem with this proposal. When we quote A-S/Trane, we don't go so far as to list that digit.

    As for the air handler, must be a typo.

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    Basically what the manufacturer is saying is that there was something changed in present manufacturing which caused a minor change in model numbers. As Bald mentioned, it could have been a different brand of blower motor, or expansion valve. Not a big deal, but "discountinued" simply means they are not presently manufacturing that model. Lennox used to use a different dash number at end, and this was changed each time a part was changed in unit.

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    You'll still have full warranty. Non issue IMO.

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    It also may be a matter of salesmen building proposals off slightly out dated model information, so the proposal may list the "A" model, but you end up with the "B" because that is what the distributor is pushing out the door when the contractor picks the unit up.

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    I am not even sure you need another opinion at this point but my company doesn't quote the model number out that far. It is just for our office so we know which revision. If its an A revision it usually means that it is a Brand ABC fan motor and if its a B Revision it means its a Brand XYZ fan motor. The only time this matter is when its time for a service part and even then there is usually next to no difference. If you like the system AND the contractor go for it, all is good.
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    If you wait til the C model comes out in 2 months you'll get 3 extra zip-ties. Just kidding, I'm not sure when the C model comes out.
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