Bronx. Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties in N.Y. is the area that my branch works in. It looks like we are in need of an absorber guy as one of ours has climbed the ladder to the white collar side of life. They may be looking for someone who is well rounded in commercial, industrial, and chillers as well, depends on a few things.

Any one interested should call the Brewster office which can be found on the CommercialCarrier pages. Union is prefered along with transfer to local 21. I see alot of good techs writng out here and want to give one or 2 of you guys a chance before the management hires any undesirables (imo). I'm just a service tech who thinks that there are plenty on this site that wouldn't know about this oppurtunity otherwise.

E-mail is in profile. Don't send me your resume, like I said I'm just a tech looking to give a little info. for those who think they can live the rough life. :-)