Sears chest freezer. R-134. It's about six feet long. Electronic temperature readout and a little microprocessor to run everything. That all went south just as a food delivery was arriving. So I ran out, knew nothing about the control system so I installed a Supco 1/2 HP 3 n 1 kit on the compressor and wired the kit to the power cord.

I don't know where to get all the controls and don't have a lot of interest in finding out. I was going to put an ETC on the wall and have it power a controlled outlet to plug the freezer into. Drape the ETC probe inside the freezer for sensing.

But now I have the question: What do you think will happen if I just let it run all the time? <g> Eventually the suction pressure will balance the heat load and it will just sit there running.

What do you all think of that idea?