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    I have no problem with unvented equipment if only everyone uses it READS, UNDERSTANDS and FOLLOWS ALL of the lengthy list of specifications, warnings and cautions that come with such equipment.

    The problem is that I've never encountered ANYONE who conformed to those directions.

    And yes, I have testified as an expert plaintiff's witness by a new homeowner who rather promptly wound up in the hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning because the brand new unvented gas log set wasn't properly installed. Specifically, the gas logs weren't installed exactly the way specified in the installtion manual, which required me to read the manual for about a half hour before I could understand the written directions and diagram.

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    I have a problem with them for just those reasons.

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    Unhappy Univ of IL did a 3 year study on Vent-free units...

    I mentioned this isn a separate post as well... but I attended a session at the ACI Conference on a 3 year study that the University of IL Champaign Urbana did on vent free units. They wanted to test them in homes under actual use conditions and as the owners used them under normal use. It turns out the CO was not the main issue, it was NO2 that was building up in most instances. The bugger about this is the sensor on the unit would not kick out because of it and a CO wall detector would not trip on it, but it sure as heck effected the air quaility.

    Here is a link to the powerpoint the researcher displayed at ACI and the full report from the 3 year testing. If I remember correctly they tested 30 homes in IL.
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    Cool correction

    CO detector---Not CO2, which is what you are exhaling.

    Another big point of that study was the increase in dewpoint and vapor pressure, both of which would tend to drive water vapor into the interstitial wall spaces.

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    I won't sell them but, I won't park the car in the living room and let it run either.

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