I'm trying to figure how this thing is overfilling. I've watched and when you turn it on(Manual mode is how they operate it) the fill solenoid opens, water reaches the bottom probe, which then turns on the heating elements. when water hits the upper probe, the fill solenoid de-energizes, yet the water continues to rise in the float compartment...bad fill valve? no! I replaced the fill valve yesterday and it does exactly the same thing? where is the water coming from?

If I turn the steamer off at the on/off switch, and let it drain till it gets down to the proper level, it will stay there(I only tried this once because I ran out of time).

Any ideas?

This machine seems to have been neglected somewhat as I've already had to replace the drain valve because it has a huge piece of lime/calcium stuck in it(drain valve was tripping the reset button on the back).

I don't think this has been delimed as often as it should be.

Would there be any benefit to deliming the heck out of it multiple times to clean it up good?