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The way I read this, they have a pony chiller, but the pump associated with it has failed, causing them to use the larger pump on the smaller machine. Due to the larger pump being too much flow for the pony chiller, they are letting the flow go through both machines. This is causing the leaving chilled water to be mixed as noted. Since it is off peak cooling season, it is probably fine with respect to leaving water temp, they are just concerned about the flow through the larger machine doing damage to the machine.

It most likely will be fine as far as real damage is concerned, but tube fouling will occur unnecessarily. Since the dewpoint is probably much higher right now than during peak cooling season, condensation shouldnt be too mcuh of an issue, especially since they are running return through it at say 50 degrees plus.
Nailed it. They do not want to spend money on equipment so we are next on the list. Thanks for all of the info!