Alright, I'm not an HVAC pro, but at least I am an electrician and have done my share of HVAC-related electrical work. Planning to eventually have an HVAC ticket too. Anyway, I had a question about Multiaqua systems. I like the idea and have been trying to inform myself about them.

One thing is unclear to me though: is the circulator pump ALWAYS running unless power to the chiller is cut?

I mean, if you had a 2-pipe system, cooling only, and had 8 zones, yet none of the zones were active...what does the chiller do in this situation? The pump keeps pushing water around 24/7 even though nobody is using any? If the LWT rises above the setpoint differential, just from sitting around doing nothing, the compressor cycles on and chills the whole loop again? How would you eliminate this waste of pumping energy?