Dear colleagues.
This is my first contact with the group. I'm not an expert in refrigeration, I'm resorting to this group of professionals in order to clarify some doubts. My question is about centrifugal chillers.
When the compressor capacity is reduced (not by low thermal load but because the compressor is working at its limit with risk of harm), what happens with the process water?
Engineers say the delta T is maintained (the water enters at 17 ° C and exits at 10 ° C) and that the flow rate of process water is kept unchanged in 25m ³ / h.
This is the doubt: If the capacity of the centrifuge is reduced by the action of diffusers and / or vanes, thus reducing the circulating mass of R 134a, how can delta T be maintained without reduction of the water flow.
Someone could, please, help me understand this logic?

Many thanks

Paulo Bittar