I don't work on ice machines much, but I think I have this one all screwed up. We had one going off on head pressure. I restarted the unit and checked it and had 300#. It's a water cooled Follett Horizon. Based on the touchy feely test I had cool water going in, I'd say about 75* and I had hot (not warm) water coming out. The strainer was clean. I stupidly tried to adjust the water regulater valve and it didn't help. (You know the water regulator valve that has the big piece of tape over it that says "do not adjust?" Yeah, that one.)

So... to buy time, I told them I suggest cleaning the condenser and getting a new water regulator. I came back and to clean it and change out the water regulator. I only took out about 9 oz of gas where the total charge is 15oz. Hmm. I put in the new regulator and leak check. I can't find anything. I start the unit and attempt to charge and I can only get the whole charge in before my head starts going up to 250# What's wrong??? Still hot water coming from the condenser outlet. It's making ice, so I'm going to leave it for now.

While looking at the unit, I see 1/4" OD copper feeding the condenser water lines feeding it where the connections are 1/4"npt. Ha!, I figure I have it. Tell them I'm going to repipe it, I think that's the problem....

I come back and repipe it. It doesn't help. I come to find out that I put the valve in wrong. I put the new valve in the same way as the old valve. I have since thrown out the old valve, so I can't verify. But I know I'm right. Ha! I figure I have it again.... Nope. I flip the valve around. I can get the whole charge in now, but my head is 325 -350. The rise across the condenser is way better though. What's going on here?? I'm thinking maybe noncondensibles?