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    I'm moving to tucson, Az from Detroit Mi, this summer.
    Can someone tell me how the Job market is out there, My girlfriend is starting at U of A in the fall so time is short. I have to find a job, place to live and move cross country in the next 8 weeks. I have 4 years exp. 2.5 in mostly service, but i work in a small Company so I also do a lot of Replacements, new installs and new Construction also, and if any one would like my resume i will have it ready by Wednesday.

    Thank You


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    Look in the Wall Of Shame section,posts by PaysonHVAC,email him .He knows the area and I'll bet he will steer you to a good company.

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    I grew up there and worked there. you will not have any problem getting work. the pay is not that great. phoenix is better for pay. weather is great compared to mich. I will end up there or some where out there some day.

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    Call TRS in Tucson.
    Ask for Matt.
    He is into training big time and wants quality producers.
    when all else fails, read the literature.

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    Job Market

    Thank you for your responces, Does any of you live in Tucson, az? and tell me if there is a lot of work going on or not.


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    I hope i dont look dumb but what is "TRS" Thanks


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    Hi Nicholas. Welcome to Tucson! I'm not in the industry but I recently bought an older house (1941) and I can tell you that this town is growing rapidly. There is a lot of renovation and also new construction going on all the time. As a homeowner I've had a hard time finding good people and I know lots of other homeowners with the same problem. There are also a lot of unlicensed people taking up the slack who don't necessarily do good work.

    My neighbor recently went through 3 electricians before she found one who could do a simple job properly. My electrician has had his license for 4 years and said he hasn't had a day off besides weekends and holidays for the last year. So I get the impression that if you know your stuff, you will be in demand.

    Sorry I can't give you more specifics about companies but I can say that even though wages here tend to be lower than Phoenix, the cost of living also tends to be lower. For example, you can rent a decent 2 BR house near the University for $700 a month which is peanuts compared to where I come from back East.

    The weather's great, there's lots of places to hike and bike and camp if you're into that, the people are friendly and helpful, and even though we're nearing a million, it still has a small-town feel. And no snow to shovel or ice all over everything!

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